Interkat Catalyst GmbH

17 years of coating expertise

Interkat is involved in the area of high-efficiency catalytic coatings for various application areas focused primarily on emission reduction. The process technology used to apply these coatings to an extremely wide range of support materials and geometries represents an additional core competence.

Our catalysts are used in exhaust gas aftertreatment systems for on-road and off-road applications, including stationary engines, as well as in a broad variety of industrial applications. Another major business activity of Interkat involves special catalysts, which are developed and produced according to specific customer requirements.

With its many years of experience in the area of catalysis and process engineering, our international R&D team helps us maintain our innovative edge over the competition. That’s another reason why the market recognizes the name Interkat Katalysatoren for its techno-logically superior coatings used in niche catalysis applications.