INTERKAT offers highly advanced technologies

Catalysis is of paramount importance in the chemical industry. More than 80 % of all chemical processes in industry are using a catalyst. Estimates are that 90% of all commercially produced chemical products involve catalysts at some stage in the process of their manufacture.

In the area of environmental protection catalysts play an important role for the purification of industrial and exhaust gases. This technology enables us to harmonize our modern living standard with the biggest challenges facing our society today concerning environmental protection and sustainable development. The emission of greenhouse gases and pollution, with their negative effects on the climate and human health, is one key aspect of this problem. All around the world, more and more regulations limiting emissions are being imposed or tightened. This underscores the crucial importance of the topic.

With regard to road traffic, the industrialized nations have made significant progress in the reduction of harmful emissions in past years. In order to meet the new environmental objectives, the focus of future legislation will increasingly extend to other segments.

In its role as long-time catalyst supplier for the automotive combustion engines, INTERKAT offers highly advanced technologies which provide impressive results and comply with demanding standards. Our catalytic coatings meet all requirements of modern multi-stage exhaust aftertreatment systems. Through the continuous development of more efficient catalyst formulations, over the years INTERKAT has established itself as a technology leader among medium-sized companies.

The expertise gained here and the high quality standards are incorporated into our products for other areas, such as combined heat and power plants, industrial engines and stationary plants, so that we now hold a leading position in those segments.

Our broad portfolio of tailor-made catalysts for special applications make us the ideal partner for an extremely wide range of industrial sectors.