Catalyst Services

Our goal is to help our customers in the best possible way. This includes doing research and development projects with high quality or just offering single services. For this purpose, our laboratories are well equipped for catalyst synthesis, characterization and testing.

Activity Tests

In order to compare the activity of different catalysts, our R&D team is able to performs activity tests on a lab scale. These investigations are carried out at a test bench coupled with FT-IR analytics which provides reliable and reproducible data. Many different exhaust gas compositions at different reaction conditions can be simulated.

Elemental Analysis

With our XRF-EDX device we are able to determine the chemical composition of a catalyst. This analytical method is also very powerful to identify contaminations like catalyst poisons which lead to catalyst deactivation.

Specific surface area [BET]

Porosity of the washcoat has a crucial impact on the catalyst activity. By means of nitrogen sorption we can provide you with the specific surface area according to BET as well as the specific pore volume and pore size distribution. This information is not only useful for quality assurance but can also be very valuable in order to figure out whether the catalyst was exposed to high temperatures which can eventually lead to thermal deactivation.

Prototype manufacturing

Washcoat development and coating is our core business. Apart from typical ceramic or metal monoliths we also offer coating of unconventional substrates like wire meshes, plates, foams etc. within a broad dimension range as well as different geometries and structures. Based on our experience we will select the right coating technology for your specific product.

INTERKAT is also able to integrate your new raw materials e.g. various metal oxides etc. in our washcoats to test coatability and performance in comparison to industrial standards. Based on these results, INTERKAT as an independent catalyst manufacturer can assist you with feasibility studies and reduce the risk for the market launch of your products.

We can also supply various prototype catalysts for your testing e.g. engine test bench or field tests within a very short time. This enables you to compare directly with an industrial standard and save development costs by shortening the testing time.