SCR-Catalyst on Diesel Particulate Filters (SDPF)

SCR washcoat is typically coated on conventional flow-through substrates. Most recently, INTERKAT additionally started to coat our SCR technology on wall-flow filter substrates to combine the functionality of SCR catalysts with that of diesel particulate filters (DPF). The so-called SDPF reduces both nitrogen oxides (NOX) and soot.

Adding SCR functionality to a DPF has several benefits compared to a standard SCR brick placed after a DPF:

  • Less space requirements (more compact design)
  • Higher temperatures for the SCR reaction
  • Cost savings due to lower total catalyst volume

This technology enables our customers to design more compact exhaust gas aftertreatment systems at lower costs.

Especially modern diesel engines with a low particulate matter emission are preferred for adapting this solution.

“INTERKAT will always provide the optimal catalyst for your application”